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Pro-Adjuster Technology
Chiropractic's focus is spinal health with a special emphasis on how spinal health affects the nervous system and the overall health of the person. There are many spinal techniques in chiropractic to help improve spinal function. These techniques can be administered by hand or by instrument. Our office offers both techniques for spinal adjustments. For instrumentation adjustments I use the Pro-Adjuster.
The Pro-Adjuster is a computer software program and instrument developed by the corporation called Pro-Solutions. The development of this technology began approximately fifteen years ago when a chiropractor realized that construction engineers us vibratory pulses to determine the strength and flexibility of bridges. It was also learned that NASA uses vibratory pulse to know if the tiles on the space shuttle were intact. Using a similar technology, a vibratory pulse was developed to determine the function or lost flexibility of the spine. A hand held instrument is placed against the spine and when pressed it sends a vibratory pulse into the spine. It then sends a message back to the instrument that records the frequency of the vertebra vibration or the lack of vibration of the vertebra. The computer software compares the frequency reading against the other vertebra to determine which joints have lost function or lost mobility. Once the analysis of the spine is done the instrument then produces a vibratory pulse that is very safe and gentle to restore the spinal joint function.

Lost spinal function leads to degenerative, unstable joints and could eventually lead to pain and disability of your back. Other symptoms associated with spinal conditions can be a hard to describe dull ache that is sometimes worse than others with no apparent reason, morning stiffness or stiffness associated with prolonged position, for example, riding in a car for a long time, burning, numbness, pins and needles, occasional sharp stabbing pain, headaches and fatigue. The pain may be localized to one area or it may radiate down your legs, arms or both.