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Poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking are the leading reasons for death and disease in America. Notice, I did not say drugs (both legal and illegal), guns, and auto wrecks as the leading cause of deaths. The leading cause of death is cancer, heart disease, and diabetes brought on by poor diet, lack of exercise, and for some, smoking. Yes, we can brag and say. “but we’re living longer than our parents and their parents.” I haven’t quite figured out how that’s supposed to help a sick person feel better. The fact is, we can do better. We can live healthier more vibrant lives just by changing our daily habits. Eating and drinking better, regular exercise, adequate rest, and a positive attitude can go a long way towards your health potential and healing.

Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals,

For those of you that wish to improve or maintain your potential health or to prevent, and possibly an illness, there are nutritional supplements (often referred to as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes). When going down this road of health you will find there are two types of nutritional supplements: synthetic supplements and whole food supplements. There is a difference.

The origin of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes is the ground. The plants roots takes the particles of the soil and converts the plant into elements that we can use to survive and thrive in health. As technology improved we could analyze the chemical breakdown of these plant substances and then manufacture them. These manufactured nutritional substances are called synthetic vitamins, enzymes, and yes, there is now a few synthetic minerals. Synthetic substances are designed to replace what is natural. They are artificial produced and never come from its source, a plant. Synthetics are to mimic what nature naturally does. Manufacturing can produce synthetic supplements cheaply and in large quantities that are not produced in nature. Common sense tells you its less expensive and more time efficient to make synthetics than planting, growing, harvesting, and processing the garden so as not kill the nutrients. Thus the appeal for manufacturing to produce synthetics supplements but, are synthetics good for you?

There are several negatives to synthetic supplements:

1 Synthetic substances are isolated elements, there is no synergy. Synergy means to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of the separate effects. Natural whole food nutrients come in packages with all the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that allows the body to recognize, metabolize, and use them.

2 Nature does not produce nutrients in large quantities. Large doses of water soluble vitamins can become stimulates to your body, making you feel energized only later to come down. Fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) are stored in the liver and fatty tissues and in excess amounts can become toxic.

3 Believe it or not, everything has yet to be discovered about plants and energy of plants. There can be unknown substances, not yet discovered, that allows natural substance to work that synthetics do not have.

4 There are no trace minerals in isolated synthetics, this means your own body’s mineral reserves we be used and this can lead to mineral deficiencies.

Natural whole food supplements are exactly what they sound like. They are plants that have been grown naturally, without insecticides or pesticides, harvested, and processed at low temperatures to not damage the nutrients. It is a long costly process that provides a superior product that your body recognizes and metabolizes. At our office we use Standard Process whole food supplements and herbs. This company was established in 1929 and has patented many of the farming techniques for organic farming. They are considered the best in natural whole food supplements.

A word of warning, the FDA allows companies to say their products are “natural” if they have as little a 10% of natural substances in their supplements. It lets you know the FDA is supporting manufacturing companies over you. You must always use caution when quoting the FDA as a resource.

Ideally, we should be able to get all of our nutrients from the foods we eat. If we were to create a diet that consisted of a wide range of colorful, organic, whole foods, rich in vegetables, we could easily meet our nutritional needs for vitamins each day, but who does that and what has commercial farming done to the soil? Thus the reason for natural whole food supplements.


I've been in practice for over thirty years. I have seen many diets and wonder/miracle nutritional supplements come and go. When you speak of diets most people think about weight. Weight lose should be a side effect of a diet instead it being the primary purpose. If you alter your diet to lose weight only, when you stop your diet, you'll gain your weight back. The goal of any diet should be to decrease toxins into your body and then to lose weight. The purpose of the diet is for it to become a lifestyle that will bring you health.

Hallelujah Diet/lifestyle

This diet/lifestyle is for two types of people. Those that want to reach their fullest health potential and those that are desperate, maybe on a limited time frame with their life. This is a 90% raw vegetarian diet. I know, I just lost about 95% of you. If you do your own research you will find most diets with the goal of restored health are plant based, fish, and maybe small quantities of meat. I am not saying you have to be deathly sick to participate in this diet. Obviously, if it is a diet that gets sick people well then it can make well people extremely healthy. It is a lifestyle for great health through diet. However, if you add juicing and whole food supplements with this diet, very poor health can be turned around. It's biblically based and gets toxins out in a hurry. There are literally thousands of people that have been healed using this diet/lifestyle. It’s not a hard diet to understand, just know, it is a commitment, that if kept, reaps rewards. For more information their website is

What about us that are just striving for moderation of diet and no extreme lifestyle changes? For me, the primary and most common precursor for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes is obesity. Moderation of weight is first, no more than 15lbs to 20lbs overweight, REGULAR cardio exercise, adequate rest, and a purpose in life will bring a longer than expected life with fewer health problems. Notice, I did not tell you what to eat. We are, by design, to eat plants. Does this mean if I want to be healthy I can’t eat meat? No, you can eat meat but be moderate about it. I’m telling you that you can eat anything as long as it is in moderation and you don’t gain to much weight. Weight gain is mostly eating things in excess. A moderate lifestyle does not allow excessive eating patterns because it will cause you to gain weight. If you are getting 30 lbs or greater over weight you are either eating excessively or not exercising regularly, probably both. I believe most people know what’s bad for them, too much sugar, salt, caffeine, excessive meat and a lack of exercise. So eat these things moderately and do more exercise. These are guidelines for the masses. There will all ways be exceptions and if you are an exception then you need help. You will need to seek out some health counseling and guidance. We can help.