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Chiropractic History
For hundreds, maybe thousands of years, people have been looking to the spine for health benefits. All throughout history in different cultures there is information about people working on the human spine and getting positive health benefits. The debate has always been, "how does it work?"

In the mid-eighteen hundreds an American physician, Andrew Still found that when he did spinal movements people got positive health benefits. At this time in history the heart and circulatory system was being study and its role in our health. Dr. Still concluded that the reason people got positive responses to spinal movements was it increased the blood flow to the area being moved. Thus, an increase in blood flow brought the nutrients necessary for healing and this explained the mechanism for positive responses to spinal movements. In 1892, he started a school practicing the art of spinal movements called the School of Osteopathy.
Chiropractic began in 1895. It began with a man named David Palmer. He was employed as a "magnetic healer" at the time. He was working in his office, when the janitor, Harvey Leonard, came to clean his office. The janitor was almost deaf and Mr. Palmer asked him what had happened to cause his deafness. Harvey said he had had an injury to the back of his neck from falling down some stairs and from that time on his hearing slowly left him. Mr. Palmer asked if he could examine Harvey. Upon examination of his spine, he said, "Harvey, it appears some of the bony bumps on your spine are not in the same alignment as the other bumps in your spine. Do you mind if I try to push them back in alignment?" Harvey said, "Go ahead." They repeated this process for several days and Harvey's hearing was restored and chiropractic had its beginning.
My Palmer did not quite understand exactly what he had just experienced, he thought, maybe he had a cure for lost hearing. So he began to examine his other patients for misaligned spinal bumps and then he attempted to move or realign them and like all the other spinal healers before him, he got unexplained positive health results.

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, there was more research about the brain, spinal cord and the nerves of the body. We soon realized that the brain controlled the body's functions and messages were sent from the brain to the body parts by way of the spinal cord and then the nerves that exit besides each spinal vertebra. If there were any interference with this message from the brain to the body parts, then the tissues, organs or muscles would not function properly. Lost function would then lower the resistance of the body, which would later lead to pain and suffering.

With this research Mr. Palmer felt he had found the mechanism for why patients felt better when their spine was better aligned and mobile. Mr. Palmer, later known as Dr. Palmer, summarized that restoring function to spinal joints that had become immobile or misalignment would allow the body's energy to flow from the brain to the body parts, enhancing the body's ability to heal. He called a misalignment in the spine a subluxation. He called movement or realignment of spinal joints an adjustment and he called his new profession "Chiropractic."
As the years have rolled by, it appears there are many benefits to a healthy spine. Some of them are: decreased pain and spasm, increased spinal mobility, muscle relaxation, increased energy, increased blood flow (healing nutrients), balanced or restored nerve flow (healing energy) and an overall feeling of wellness.