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If this is your first visit to our office, this is what you can expect. Like all doctors offices, there is paper work that has to be done for us to know your health history. You may wish to call your insurance company ahead of time to see if you have insurance coverage and the amount of insurance coverage they allow for chiropractic care. If you are in a PPO, you may call our office or bring your insurance card to our office and we can tell you if you have PPO coverage for chiropractic care at our office. I have been in practice over since 1982, and I am associated with most insurance companies and PPO's.

At this point a physical exam consisting of range of motion studies, palpation of the spine for tenderness and spasms, and orthopedic/neurologic test to determine joint or nerve irritation. Depending on the state of health a patient is in will determine whether care is administered that day or another day, most receive care the day of the examination. You are then given instructions for home care.

I always try to answer five questions: (1) what is your problem, (2) can I help you with that problem, (3) how long will it take for you to feel better, (4) how often will you have to come and receive treatment and (5) how much will our services cost? Please feel free to ask any questions you think I may not have answered. Treatment consists of spinal adjustments and physical therapy (if needed).

What is an adjustment? An adjustment is a physical movement to your spine done by hands or instrument to remove joint and nerve stress. It is safe and gentle. It is always done at your tolerance. If you are in pain when entering the office, physical therapy may be all that is done until you can have an adjustment without pain.

Chiropractors do not prescribe drugs, radiation or do surgery. We encourage natural, alternative methods of health care. Chiropractic enhances your body's ability to heal by removing lost spinal function with adjustments.

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